Koller Engineering products are tested to the latest European and International standards as required for vehicle products. All testing is carried out by independent test facilities.

Depending on the product, this involves either:


ECE 14.04 and EEC Directive 76/115 as amended by 96/38/EEC or 2005/41/EEC, to M2 and M1 loads:

  • M2 load: 13.5kN + (10 x seat mass)
  • M1 load: 27kN + (20 x seat mass)


  • ISO 10542 dynamic (crash) test, 20g at 48km/h

Koller Engineering rail clips are often tested in excess of ISO 10542 test. Components conforming to UN/ECE regulation No.16 are used in the manufacture of products.

Some products, such as rails, have been tested both statically and dynamically, as the majority of Koller Engineering products are designed to be used in rail.

If further testing is required, this can be arranged.


Koller Engineering is committed to applying its wealth of technical understanding and experience to design and deliver products of a consistently high standard. This will not only meet, but often exceed the expectations and requirements of our customers.

Koller is committed to maintaining a documented Quality Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 9001. The company provides a framework for setting quality objectives, reducing or eliminating risks and identifying opportunities to continually improve products and performance. This commitment is appropriate to the scope of the company’s activities and in-line with its strategic direction. It extends to ensuring that customer, statutory and regulatory requirements are always met.

The various activities undertaken are documented in the Quality Management System. This is readily available to all employees and other interested parties and kept under review by means of the non-conformance control, auditing and managing review processes. They maintain the suitability of the existing system and provide a means of identifying and implementing improvements on a constant basis.

This policy is kept under continuous review.